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The Queen's Regiment - OP BANNER


Queen's Regiment Roll of Honour

In memory of those who lost their lives during the Northern Ireland Conflict



24059026 Pte Robert John Brimblecombe
23/06/1969 2nd Bn

24180062 Pte Paul S Carter
15/09/1971 2nd Bn

23999533 Pte Robert M Benner
29/11/1971 3rd Bn

24285062 Pte Richard James Sinclair
31/10/1972 1st Bn

24193463 Pte Stanley JA Evans
14/11/72 1st Bn

24367898 Pte Peter Leslie Woolmore
19/03/1979 3rd Bn

24470587 Pte Richard R Biddle
09/04/1983 (ACC)

24596121 Pte Alan J Stock
15/10/1983 2nd Bn

24626154 Pte Neil Clark
23/04/1984 2nd Bn

24711193 Cpl Alexander S Bannister
08/08/1988 2nd Bn

24312981 Sgt Charles Chapman
16/05/1990 3rd Bn

24134298 Pte Colin P Wootten
28/08/2012 3rd Bn




This poem was written by Lt Col Bob McGhie as a commemoration to Private Stanley Evans of C Coy 1 Queen's

In darkly-narrow, rain-wet streets
Under cloak of Divis Mountain
Stood a private and his captain
Some twenty six years gone by.

To help bring freedom.

Out in late-evening, urban darkness
Watchful, vengeful, narrowed eyes
Waited, hated, then alerted
Freedom’s finger, squeezing hard.

Was this for freedom?

I moved unknowingly, he remained.
The wind of freedom passed me by.
But freedom struck its unconscious blow
I held a shattered brain as he began to die.

Why him?
Why not me?
Was this freedom?

Now, years later, I have children,
I have a wife,
Freedom’s hot metal made cold another’s life,
Young Evans – not forgotten across all these years
I lived, you died, and I shared your mother’s tears.

All this for freedom.