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queen's regimental association

The Queen’s Regimental Association

About The Association

The Association is open to all officers and soldiers who have served in the Order of Battle of one of the Queen’s Regiment Regular and Territorial battalions, including attached personnel, and those who have served in one of the forebear regiments and The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment. To Register please click here »

queen's regiment, 50th anniversary edition

The Annual 'SOLDIERS OF THE QUEEN'S' Journal

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Membership Card

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If you would like a replacement Membership Card, you are asked to make a donation of at least £3 to the Benevolent Fund to cover the cost of production.

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Made up of a number of branches, the overarching aims of the Queen’s Regimental Association are:

  1. To foster the spirit of comradeship between all members of The Association past and present.
  2. To provide assistance to past and present members of The Association, their wives, widows, children or other dependants who are in distress or suffering financial hardship.
  3. To assist members to obtain employment in civilian life and to promote their businesses.
  4. To foster good relations with civil society across the Regimental area.
  5. To support those charitable organisations which operate for the benefit of the soldier (or ex-soldier) and his dependants
  6. To foster close relationships between the Queen’s Regimental Association, forebear regimental associations and the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment Association

For us to keep in touch with you and help you, especially when you are in need, we need your details.

Even though you may have given us your details in the past, it would be hugely helpful if you could confirm your details by filling in the registration form online.

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2nd Bn

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5th Bn Queens Regt

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