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The AGM was held at the Union Jack Club in Waterloo once again this year, with a splendid performance by The Queen's Regimental Association Corps of Drums

The Fan Dance

9th JULY 2016 24km 35lb bergen SAS selection route "All four of our team are very proud former members of the Queens Regt. We have all been fortunate enough to remain healthy and to have led productive lives. Some of our colleagues have been less fortunate, thus we feel compelled to undertake this challenge to raise awareness of their plight and to hopefully contribute to their future care and well being. Any financial donation to this worthy cause would be greatly appreciated and utilised wisely and efficiently."

June 14 2015

Charity Bungee Jump

Ex Middlesex, 4th and 2nd Battalion Sgt Alan Rutter now residing as a Chelsea Pensioner has agreed to do a sponsored 300ft bungee jump on PM 30 August at Windsor Bray, Monkey Island Lane, Maidenhead, West Berkshire, SL6 2EB.

He has taken on this challenge to raise money for the Queen's Regiment Benevolent Fund and the Chelsea Hospital and we are going to split what we raise between us.  He will be supported by his brother Dave, also a Chelsea pensioner and ex Middlesex, 1st, 3rd and 4th Battalions.

July 25th 2015

Cenotaph Parade

To apply for tickets for this year's Cenotaph parade please contact Henry Thomas direct at Area HQ PWRR in Canterbury by emailing him at

June 7th 2015

The Memorial Woodland
(founded in memory of The Queen's Regiment)

Following the Unveiling of Monument by Sir Paul Beresford (MP & Patron) in June 2014, a gathering of Queensmen, family and friends to celebrate a successful year for the Charity, will be followed by the unveiling of The Queen's Regt. plaque by Col Anthony Beattie.

May 3rd 2015

Memorial Re-Dedication - Leros Barracks

As Howe Barracks has closed and been sold, the decision was taken that the memorial would be moved from Howe Barracks to a new location kindly provided by the Commanding Officer, 3 PWRR, in Leros Barracks, Canterbury, thus maintaining the regimental link

In conjunction with Mr Blue Cooper of the Vipers, who have paraded at the memorial every year since it was first built, the Memorial Wall now forms the centre piece of the area where the PWRR currently hold their Beating of Retreat.

The Re-Dedication service on May 3rd 2015 was attended by over 200 people.

April 30 2015

The Clandon Fire

The tragic news of the fire at Clandon House has been widely reported on all media.  What is less well known is that Clandon House was the home to the Surrey Infantry Museum showcasing the County’s links to local Infantry regiments from the mid- 17th Century through to the modern day; principally covering the Queen’s Royal Regiment and the East Surrey Regiment and their contemporary successors, The Queen’s Regiment and The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment.

The museum displays held regimental items of interest including uniforms, paintings, photographs, medal collections and other unique memorabilia.  One of the items potentially lost is one of the regimental footballs used by Lt Neville of The East Surrey Regiment, on the first day of the Battle of the Somme, one of only two still in existence.  It also included Regimental Colours which were flown during famous battles over the last 300 years.

At this stage in the immediate aftermath of the fire, the priority of the National Trust and Emergency Services is to ensure that the building is made safe.  Once it is safe the salvage operation will commence which will include the area of the museum.  As yet we are still unsure as to which items have survived undamaged from the fire, smoke, water and rubble.  The good news is that a number of the Colours were saved by the swift actions of Surrey Fire Service crews on site who included ex-Armed Forces personnel who understood their importance.  In the medal collection it is worth noting that all VCs on display were copies and that the original medals are held in a separate secure location.

There will be many people who are concerned about what has happened and would wish to help in some way.  At this stage we urge those people to stay away from Clandon House.  Any enquiries regarding specific items which have been loaned to the Museum should be directed to 0203 166 6908 (Regimental Headquarters PWRR).

The future of the Surrey Infantry Museum is uncertain.  However, we are keen to ensure that as many items as possible are put on public display in the future.

Minutes of the 2015 AGM

You can view the Minutes of the 2016 Annual general Meeting by going to Publications


Clandon Fire

Clandon House Fire