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In Memoriam

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The following is a list of our forebears who have sadly passed on

Members are requested to keep the Secretary informed of those who pass away in future so that this list can be kept up to date.

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Date Name Battalion
Sept Pte John 'Horace' Nuttall QRS
19 Jul Pte John Pollitt QRS
31 May L/Cpl George Bright BUFFS
24 Mar Pte Ronald Harper QORWK
12 Mar Alf Guppey 6th (Bermondsey) Bn QRR
21 Feb Col Nigel Knocker OBE WO WkHM R SUSSEX
03 Feb Pte Roy Ince RWK
2022  Pte John Covey R SUSSEX/BUFFS
29 Dec Col Rex Cain Middlsex
03 Dec Maj Donald Abbott East Surreys and QRS
05 Oct WO2 Cedric Gregory, 3rd and R SUSSEX
28 June Sgt George Higgins Middlesex
21 June Cpl Michael Hutchins Middlesex
22 Jan Col Derek Bishop MBE East Surreys and QRS
14 July LCpl Sidney Levy 1 QRR
  Sidney served in Germany UK and Malaya  
20 Dec William Beningfield Middlesex
02 Aug Doug Adams QORWK
  Doug served with the QORWK from 1950-1964 and was a member of the Weald Branch since 2002  
24 May Pte Peter Miller 1QRR
05 May Capt Philip Peam 1RWK, KAR, RE, RA and RAOC
   He was commissioned into RWK on  7th December 1944 on a Regular Army Emergency Commission.  In 1947 he joined 1RWK Cairo (Mortar Pl) and subsequently served in KAR, RE, RA, RAOC from where he retired in March ‘63.  Sadly, he died from the Covid-19 virus.   
08 Apr Pte William Fitzgerald

QRR & R Sussex

09 Jan Maj John Barrell OBE TD QOB