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Affiliated Branch - Queen's Regimental Association


If you wish to form a Branch of The Queen's Regimental Association, in the first instance please get in touch with the Association Secretary, Alasdair Goulden by completing the Contact Form ›

The following can be read in full in The Rules of The Queen's Regimental Association



The following applies:

  1. Branches of The Association may be formed at the discretion of the President
  2. Branches shall be administered by a Chairman, Hon Secretary, Hon Treasurer and Committee who will be responsible for proper conduct of the affairs of the Branch
  3. Branches may have a President and Vice President if they so desire
  4. Membership of Branches shall, in the main, be from those who are members of The Association, but individual Branches of The Association may also admit Honorary Members to their Branch at their own discretion
  5. A financial grant may be made to new Branches on formation.



The Association shall consist of:

  1. The President - who shall be a former officer of The Queen’s Regiment as appointed by The Executive Committee of the Association. The President will also act as Chairman
  2. The Secretary – to be appointed by the President
  3. Treasurer – to be an appointed officer at Area HQ, PWRR
  4. The Executive Committee
  5. Members

No central subscriptions will be levied for membership of The Association although Branches may raise (and set) their own membership fees, should they so choose.

Note: Branch subscriptions do not have ‘Charitable Status’ and do not therefore form any part of The Association’s Benevolent Fund, managed by HQ PWRR, which does have ‘Charitable Status’ through the Charity Commission (No 1104172)

Control - Executive Committee

The affairs of The Association are to be controlled by an Executive Committee, which shall meet as necessary, but not less than once a year and normally preceding The Association Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Affiliated Associations - Organisation and Control:

Titles of the Affiliated Associations are as follows:

  • The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment Association
  • The Regimental Association of The Queen's Own Buffs (PWRR)
  • The Royal Sussex Regimental Association (representing The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment in Sussex)
  • The Royal Hampshire Regiment Comrades Association (affiliated to the Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment)
  • The Regimental Association of The Middlesex Regiment (DCO) (affiliated to The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment)
  • Responsibility. The Affiliated Associations have, by their constitution and rules, a responsibility to their own members which must continue until there are no living beneficiaries
  • Membership. Membership of the Affiliated Associations is open to all who served in the appropriate Regiment in accordance with the existing rules of that Association
  • Funds The funds of the Affiliated Associations are controlled by those Associations
  • Application for Assistance. Application for financial assistance will be dealt with in accordance with the existing rules governing each Affiliated Association.
Withdrawal of Membership
  • Any member of The Association may have membership withdrawn and be disbarred from attending future meetings, reunions or gatherings of the Association should he/she be deemed to have brought the name of the Association into disrepute
  • The President of the Association, for the time being, is empowered to withdraw membership from the Association, keeping members of the Executive Committee informed. The individual concerned has the right of appeal and may submit his reasons for not being disbarred in writing to the President of the Association
  • Branches are to be responsible for their own membership and have the power to exclude a person from their Branch for any legitimate reason.

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The Queen's Regimental Association is open to all officers and soldiers who have served in the order of battle of one of the Queen’s Regiment Regular and Territorial battalions, and those who have served in the forebear regiments.
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