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Employment - Job Opportunities

The following jobs are currently live

Please contact the employer direct

If you know of any employment opportunities that would suit a Queensman please contact us here and they will be posted on this page

TigerRecThe PWRR run a site called TigerRec that can be found at www.tigerrec.co.uk and it is open to all Association members.

You will need your Association registration number (ID) to access it but job opportunities are always available.

network railNetwork Rail

Ex-Forces personnel - If you're a self-motivated team player with good communication skills and a great work ethic, you'll fit right in at Network Rail

The skills and experience you'll have picked up in the Forces are easily transferable to the kind of work we do here.
The big connection is safety. You'll know that keeping yourself and your colleagues safe is top priority in the Forces. And it is for us too. Find out More Here »


Job Opportunities



Jobs for Ex-Military

Tel: 0870 486 6866



civvy jobs

Civvy Jobs

Tel: 0191 427 4713