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In Memoriam

The following is a list of our comrades who have sadly passed on

Members are requested to keep the Secretary informed of those who pass away in future so that this list can be kept up to date.

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  Date Name Battalion
  1 Dec Cpl Brian Seaton 3rd and R Sussex
  29 Nov Maj Steve Bream QGM 1st, 2nd, 5th and Association Secretary
  28 Nov Dmr Sean Bates 2nd
  25 Nov LCpl David Burge 2nd
  14 Nov Cpl Matt Bradley 1st and Home Counties Brigade
  22 Nov Pte James Mowat 2nd and 2PWRR
  15 Nov Pte Graham lewis 2nd
  9 Nov Maj Alan Stocks TD 5th, 7th, 6/7th and R Sussex
  26 Oct Pte Simon 'Acky' Atkinson 1st
  16 Oct Cpl Owen 'Grandad' Harden QOB and QRRA
  11 Oct LCpl Colin Crawford 1st and MX
  8 Oct Raymond Jenkinson 3rd
  6 Sep Sgt Rick Staves 5th and PARA
  6 Sep Pte Steve 'Bill' Bailey 3rd
  17 Aug Col Rod Arnold 3rd, UDR and 4 Queen's Surrey's (TA) attached 1 R Sussex
  26 Jul Maj Graham Garnsey 5th and QOB
  22 Jul Lt Col John White 2nd and QOB
  17 Jul WO2 Brian Brazier 1st and QRS
  28 Jun Sgt Bob Weare 2nd
  6 Jun Pte Kevin Lishman 6/7th
  5 Jun Mark Williams 3rd
  Jun Cpl Ron Millerick 5th and RSx
  24 May Dmr Stephen Murphy 2nd
  18 May Cpl Robert 'Ginge' Enoch 1st
  5 May Capt Ken Beale MBE 4th and MX
  24 Apr LCpl Neville Stringer 1st and PWRR
  Apr Lt Col Geoffrey Mason OBE 1st, Albuhera Coy 4th and QRS
  14 Mar Cpl Bob Jones 3rd
  11 Mar Pte Malcolm Turner 5th
  11 Mar Drum Major Peter Solley 5th
  2 Mar Sgt Barry Stevens 2nd and QOB
  16 Feb RNK Julian Martin 5th
  13 Feb Lt Col Robin Chappell OBE 4th, 11 UDR and R SUSSEX
  1 Feb Pte Mo George 6/7th
  25 Jan Pte Ron Mills  4th and MX
  21 Jan Maj (QM) Roger Jennings 1st, 2nd and 3rd and QRS
  14 Jan Sgt Eddie Kavanagh 5th and 7th and 5th MX
  21 Dec LCpl David Mountford 1st
  18 Dec WO2 John 'Chuck' Cullinane 2nd
  13 Dec CSgt Richard Isaacs 6/7th, 8QF
  10 Dec LCpl Paul Humphries 2nd
  3 Dec Pte Steve 'Flipflop' Furlotte 1st
  23 Nov Sgt Bob Penfold


  18 Nov WO2 Harry Cook

5th, 2RTR, 5 PWRR and 3PWRR

  31 Oct Cpl Donald 'Rags' Ryder 3rd
  21 Oct CSgt Johnny Knowles 2nd
  26 Sep NK Joseph McAughlan 3rd
  09 Sep Pte Dave Simpson 2nd
  3 Sep Maj Robin Sinclair-Lee TD 5th
  21 Aug Capt Peter Anthony QGM 1st, 2nd, 5th, QOB and UDR
  Aug Sgt John Evans 2nd
  Aug Cpl Derek Knight Ist and QRS
  7 Jul Cpl 'Bugsy' Curtis BEM QRR,1st, 6/7th and 6/7PWRR
  3 Jul LCpl Tony Brock 2nd and DQD
  23 Jun Drum Major Eric Lockwood 1st
  5 Jun Cpl Robbie Gorse 2nd and QOB
  1 Jun Cpl Mickey Dunne 5th, 6/7th and 4RGJ
  12 May LCpl Trevor 'Tommo' Thompson 1st
  02 May Sgt David Waghorn 2nd
  30 Apr Cpl Lenny Elks 5th and QOB
  22 Apr Pte Les Harvey  1st and QRS
  19 Apr Pte Mick Hurley 1st
  12 Apr Drum Major WO2 Rick Baker 3rd
  1 Apr RNK Phillip Lampkin  3rd
  8 Mar Cpl Derek Goodacre 2nd
  7 Mar Cpl Terrence Price 1st, 4th and Mddx
  3 Mar LCpl Vincent Muckley 3rd
  08 Feb Pte John Gill 1st
  06 Feb Sgt Edward Brown 2nd
  03 Feb CSgt John Rolfe  2nd, RWK and QOB
  Jan Pte Jimmy Cann 3rd
   28 Jan LCpl Tony Jarrett  2nd
  24 Jan Pte Rae Wills 6/7th


In Memoriam

The Queen's Regiment Collect

The Regimental Collect
of The Queen's Regiment

"Lord God of Hosts, stretch forth, we pray Thee. Thine almighty arm to strengthen and protect all members of The Queen's Regiment, be with them in the day of battle, and in time of peace keep them safe from all evil, endure them always with courage and loyalty, and grant that by serving Thee faithfully in all things they may be strengthened in the spirit of service to their Sovereign, their Country, and their Regiment, through Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen.