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The Great Bob Fisher Radar Cope Cycle Challenge

bob fisher, radar copeBob Fisher and Radar Cope have decided that each of them is fitter than the other. They have decided that there is only one way of deciding and that is to race a figure of eight 50 mile circuit on bicycles. So on 25 March they will set off from Westgate under race conditions. To make the race more interesting they have also challenged each other to raise money for the Queen's Regiment Benevolent Fund. A prize will be given to the winner of the race and to the contestant who raises the most money for the benevolent Fund.

You are invited and encouraged to donate at and in the message box insert either Bob or Radar so that we can determine the winner. Please do not forget to tick the Gift Aid Box.

To help you decide who to support if you do not know either of these gladiators the following race card information is available.

They are both 60 years of age although Bob is a couple of months younger than Radar. Bob is a keen cyclist and has a very expensive cycle on which he has years of experience. He has been training for a Round Britain tour as well as this race. Bob was part of the Channel swimming relay team and has completed in triathlon events although the results are not known. He looks disgusting in a mankini.

Radar has spent the last two years cycling 10,000 miles around Britain and Europe albeit as a tourist. Up until a month ago Radar had never ridden a road bike. His bike has been lent to him by a mate and is worth a mere 300 quid. He also looks disgusting in a mankini.

Bob is a somewhat rotund individual. Radar is a bit of a racing snake.

Neither will be wearing mankinis on the day - if they do they will be disqualified for bringing the Regiment into disrepute.

Please dig deep and support these two lunatics in their endeavours before they are taken away by the men in white coats.



It is with regret that I have to report that the Officers of the Queen’s Regimental Association (QRA) and the Trustees of the Queen’s Regiment Memorial Woodland (QRMW) have failed to reach an agreement upon how the activities of the QMRW should be regulated in accordance with Charity Commission guidance. The Queen’s Regimental Association is registered with its own charity number.

Through my membership of the Trustees of the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment Benevolent Fund as representative of the Queen’s Regiment, QRA exercises the delegated authority to fundraise and disburse benevolence to entitled beneficiaries of the Association. This is the legally correct position.

While QMRW was very laudably establishing itself (and was given Branch status of the QRA) and using the name of the Queen’s Regiment in its title, I was content that it should act under the umbrella of the Association’s charity number, which, by implication, restricted its activity to Queen’s Regimental benevolence.

However, the trustees of the QMRW have confirmed that they do not wish to be constricted to Queen’s Regiment benevolence only and have unilaterally extended their charitable objectives to include former members of the Army generally and members of the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force. Funds being contributed ostensibly to a trust in the name of the Queen’s Regiment are to be distributed to not only former members of other Regiments in the Army but also to former members of the other two Services - in the name of the Queen’s Regiment. This is obviously beyond the purposes of the QRA and the PWRR Benevolent Fund.

QRMW also arbitrarily disburses grants to an unspecified ceiling without the validation – either in advance or retrospectively – of service charity caseworker input. This is unacceptable to QRA, as it is outside the authority currently delegated to QRMW.

I therefore have had to insist on the removal of the words ”Queen’s Regiment” from the title, the inclusion of which clearly suggests that the QRMW fundraises solely on behalf of former members of the Queen’s Regiment. This is, unfortunately, manifestly misleading.

My concern is the possible exposure of QRA to representational and reputational vulnerability by activity over which it neither has oversight nor upon which it can apply regulatory limitations. I am also persuaded by my opinion that larger service charities are better placed and amply funded to meet the demands of the tri-service community.

QRA notes QRMW’s intention and aspiration to operate under its own charity number and its wish to fundraise and disburse benevolence autonomously more widely than is constrained by the implication of its current title. It has, therefore, been suggested to QRMW that it should seek a new title reflecting more accurately its aims and objectives. Given that evidence of the Queen’s Regiment pervades the memorial woodland and that the woodland site was created specifically in memory of the Queen’s Regiment, QRA would have no objection to the following being included in the new title of the QRMW’s charitable trust:

‘(Founded in memory of The Queen’s Regiment)’.

I announce hereby that QMRW will cease to be a ’Branch’ of the QRA with effect from the 2017 AGM: the memorial woodland has been invited, under its new title, to assume Associated Branch membership and it is very much hoped that this will be accepted.

It is emphasised that benevolence for members and dependents of the QRA remains available through the QRA and it is hoped that there will be referral as relevant through the newly established woodland under its new guise.

It remains to be said that the intentions and objects of the QRMW are admirable and it is matter of regret that they are not able to deliver benevolence to members of all three services in the revered name of the Queen’s Regiment, of which they and we are all very rightly proud. The trustees of the QRMW are individually, and will continue to be, members of the QRA family and very welcome they are.

President and Chairman
The Queen’s Regimental Association 4 March 2017


AGM 4 March 2017

(Change of Venue)

This year’s AGM and Reunion took place at The University of London Officer Training Corps, Handel Street, Kings Cross, London WC1N 1NP on 4 March 2017.

31 December 2016


On 31 December 1966, 50 years ago today, our Regiment was formed. I have sent a message of loyal greetings to the Queen’s Regiment’s Allied Colonel-in- Chief, HM Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, on behalf of us all. 

2016 has been a memorable year with perhaps the most significant event the creation and dedication of the Queen’s Regiment Memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum in May.  Additionally, we were all saddened by the deaths of General Mike Reynolds, last Colonel of the Regiment and first President of the Association, Colonel Toby Sewell, the last of the founding Commanding Officers of the Queen’s Regiment’s battalions and WOI (RSM) Jack Chaffer, along with many others who died during the year.

I am delighted to record the sustained vitality of the Queen’s Regimental Association, the listed membership of which has increased by nearly 900 in the last few years. Branches are congratulated on continuing to foster the spirit of comradeship and local representation, for their magnificent fundraising efforts and for maintaining an ever watchful eye on those in need of regimental benevolence.

Looking forward, there could be no more appropriate initiative to mark our 50 years than the recently launched appeal for artefacts and documents to revitalise the Museum at Dover Castle as a fitting representation of both The Queen’s and Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiments.  I urge you all to contribute anything that you may have which may be of interest in order to ensure that our 25 years as England’s senior infantry regiment are duly preserved in a way that truly informs and speaks to all who visit the Museum. 

Finally, I take this opportunity as President and Chairman of the Regimental Association to wish all Queensmen and all within the regimental family a Very Happy New Year and the best of good fortune on our 50th Anniversary. To paraphrase General Reynolds in the Foreword of Soldiers of the Queen

      ‘I commend the Queen’s Regiment to all who take a justifiable pride in the British Army.’

Christmas Carol Service Dover Castle

The PWRR and Queens Regiment Museum are holding a Christmas Carol Service and supper in St Mary Castro in Dover Castle this year on the 4th December at 1800hrs. The Revd Canon Paul Kerr is conducting the service and the music is being provided by the Snowden Colliery Welfare Band.

Tickets are priced at £12 for adults and £5 for children. This included supper, car parking and a short talk from one of the Regiment’s historians. Artefacts from the museum will also be on display together with staff and volunteers on hand to answer questions. Please complete the attached form and return to Henry Thomas MBE by the 15th November 2016. Places for this event are limited to 200 so please book your place early!

Application Form


2016 Cenotaph Parade

(Ticket holder olnly)

The Royal British Legion (RBL) have changed the format for applying for tickets for the Cenotaph Parade which will take place on Sunday 13 November.

A security requirement has been imposed by the Metropolitan Police as they will need to conduct individual security checks on all participants.

Ticket applications have now closed.

Ticket holders will need to bring both photographic ID and a document showing proof of address with them to access Horse Guards Parade via the manned police entry points on the day.

Tickets will be allocated and despatched by the RBL direct to the individual who has been allocated a ticket.  This ticket is non-transferable and only the issed ticket holder will be allowed access to Horse Guards.  The ticket will have the recipients details shown and will hav eto match the additional documentation brought.

Allocation of tickets for the Association was coordinated by Henry Thomas at Area Headquarters PWRR.



The AGM was held at the Union Jack Club in Waterloo once again this year, with a splendid performance by The Queen's Regimental Association Corps of Drums


One Aim Rally "3rd Shot"

The date for the next Fundraiser at Wingham is 1st 2nd & 3rd July 2016

Do come along and join in this great event, with live music, QRA Corps of Drums and Fanfare Trumpeters, as well as other musical bands to suit all tastes. Cammping, on-site cafe, NAAFI Bar, Fire Eaters and much more. 

Queen's Regimental Association Corps of Drums

Under the direction of Tony Willson (1st & 3rd Queens), former Members of the Corps of Drums from all Battlalions are currently rehearsing, with a view to making public appearances, in order to raise funds for the benevolence of our former Queensmen.

Date of the first performance will be announced at a later date.

 QRA Corps of Drums


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