association, in memoriam

In Memoriam

The following is a list of our comrades who have sadly passed on

Members are requested to keep the Secretary informed of those who pass away in future so that details can be kept up to date.



  Date Name Battalion
  31 Dec Col David Beveridge MBE 3rd and Royal Sussex
  26 Dec Cpl Edward "Ted" Bicker 2nd
  NK WO2 (RQMS) Michael Elsey BEM 6/7th
  11 Dec WO2 Ray Batchelor 2nd, Buffs and QOB
  26 Nov Col Toby Sewell 1st, QRR and QRS
  20 Nov Sgt John Norton 3rd
  10 Nov WO2 Peter McFadyen 1st,5th and RAF Regiment
  4 Nov WO2 Mike Ward 5th,10th and Mddx
  16 Oct William Vukmirovic N/K
  14 Oct Maj Paul Mallalieu 1st, 4th and Mddx
  4 Oct Lt Mike Smith 6/7th
  Sep WO1 RSM David Moore 2nd, 5th and QOB
  27 Sep WO2 BSM Jeffrey Lemon 2nd, QRS and QOB
  21 Sep Cpl Mike Peterson 2nd
  25 Aug Cpl Robert (Peanut) Perry 5th
  Jul Sgt Alan Collins 5th
  2 Jul Pte Ross Noe 1st
  5 Jun WO2 Alan 'Geordie' Rickwood 2nd and QOB
  19 May Pte Calvin Cable 5th
  15 May CSgt Bob Gill Juniors, 1st, 2nd and 5th and QRS
  13 May Cpl Martin J Robinson 3rd
  9 May LCpl Steve Crosby 1st
  2 Apr Col Robin McNish 3rd and R Sussex
  31 Mar CSgt Peter Guillaume 2nd
  24 Mar Drummer Nigel Shute 2nd and Jnr Sldrs Corps of Drums
  17 Mar Pte Clem Lee 6/7th and B Coy(Queen's Regiment) TheLondon Regiment
  17 Mar WO2 Henry Green 3rd
  Mar Pete Wells 2nd
  Feb Sidney Pullman 2nd
  24 Feb Maj Trevor Fisher 1st,3rd Mddx and RRF
  17 Feb Cpl David Brian Mockler 2nd
  8 Feb LCpl Keneth Askey 3rd and 4th
  7 Jan LCpl Vic Anderson 1st


  Date Name Battalion
  31 Dec Sgt Steve Lambert 8 Queen's Fusiliers, Queen's Company
  7 Dec WO1 (RSM) Jack Chaffer MM 1st, 5th and QRS
  4 Dec Pte William (Bill) Porter-Bean 1st, QRS, 4 BUFFS and Westerham Cadets
  25 Nov C/Sgt Bob Goodman 1st
  11 Nov Lt Col AW Franklin 2nd and QOB
  1 Nov Lt Col Simon Boucher 2nd, 5th and QOB
  1 Nov Pte Dave Jonah Jones 2nd
  27 Oct Pte Alan Lesley Smith 4th
  21 Oct Maj Gen MF Reynolds CB Colonel of The Regiment, 1st and 2nd
  18 Oct LCpl Roy Harwood 2nd
  11 Oct Pte Peter Hicks 1st
  5 Oct Capt Gary Anglin 1st, 8th and PWRR
  23 Sep Sgt Roger Bobrow 2nd and QOB
  23 Sep Cpl AT Marsden 2nd and QOB
  11 Sep Pte Roy Pease 2nd
  7 Sep Lt Col John Dyer 3rd and 1 PWRR
  4 Sep Maj Christopher Parnham TD 5th
  1 Sep LCpl Dave "Jock" Duncan 2nd
  24 Aug CSgt Peter Parker 2nd and 5th and QOB
  15 Aug Maj Trevor Medcalf 6/7th, 8th and REME
  1 Aug WO2 Mark Kingston 3rd and REME
  26 July CSgt Joe Gooden 1st
  22 July Cpl Drummer Stephen Cooper 2nd
  25 June LCpl Harry Harris 2nd
  4 May Cpl Ron Brill BEM 1st
  30 April LCpl Ken Nye 6th and 6/7th
  13 April Harold J Watson 1st
  4 April Cpl David “Jimmy” Wheeler 1st and QRS
  1 April C/Sgt Jim Laker 2nd
  4 March Cpl Jim Davies 3rd
  March Pte Peter Hicks 1st
  24 Feb Major Graham Brown 3rd
  20 Feb Pte Steve Smallwood 5th
  11 Feb Major AG Scott 1st
  11 Jan WO2 Peter Robinson 1st
  11 Jan LCpl Mark Birch 2nd