queen's regiment, in memoriam

In Memoriam

The following is a list of our comrades who have sadly passed on

Members are requested to keep the Secretary informed of those who pass away in future so that details can be kept up to date.



31 Dec LCpl Topper Thompson 1st

30 Dec WO1 (RSM) Bernard Lively BEM 2nd, 6/7th,, Buffs and QOB

23 Dec Rick Garcia 3rd, PWRR

NK Cpl Peter Woolley 3rd

22 Dec Cpl Peter Shrewsbury 3rd

13 Dec CSgt Patrick Dive 4th and MX

10 Dec Capt Roger Sherrin MBE 3rd, R SUSSEX, King's African Rifles, Uganda Rifles and The Royal Brunei Regt

25 Nov Sgt Maurice Samson 2nd, QORWK and QOB

22 Nov Paul Lemasonry 1st

17 Nov Col Michael Rixon 2nd

08 Nov Maj Andrew Hoad MBE TD 5th, RAOC and RLC

01 Nov CSgt Alfie Burford 1st and MX

30 Oct CSgt Bob Gawler 5th and QOB

28 Oct Lt Col Michael Francis Deakin 4th, MX and AAC

26 Oct Cpl Michael Pritchard 1st and 3rd

24 Oct Cpl Bill Soffe 1st and QRS

17 Oct Errol Broomfield 1st

13 Oct WO2 Eric Brown 1st

05 Oct WO2 Cedric Gregory 3rd, R SUSSEX

01 Oct Maj Graham Turner TD 7th and QOB

Sep Cpl Gary Easton 5th and REME

17 Sep Capt Micky Gwilliam 2nd and QOB

13 Sep Cpl Adam Hicks 6/7th and REME

12 Sep Maj Alan Gregory 5th, 6/7th and 5 R ANGLIAN

05 Sep WO2 Noel Stevenson 6/7th

05 Sep Maj Stephen Ellwood 3rd, R SUSSEX

04 Sep Cpl Stewart James Upton 2nd

03 Sep Pte Paul White 3rd and 6/7t

31 Aug Lt Col Desmond Wilson TD 6th

29 Aug CSgt Geoff Tyderman 3rd, 4th and 1MX

18 Aug Sgt Terry Fry 5th, 4 BUFFS and 5 PWRR

16 Aug Pte Peter Hubbucks 2nd

13 Aug Pte Joe Carroll 1st

13 Jul Dmr Darren Shade 2nd and PWRR

09 Jul Cpl Brian Philpott 5th and QOB

09 Jul Maj Mike Drumond-Brady 3rd and R SUSSEX

08 Jul LCpl Paul Gibb 3rd

08 Jul Cpl Paul Burton/Reynolds 1st

05 Jul WO2 (TQMS) Mick Fallows 2nd

14 Jun Col John Francis 1st, 3rd, East Surreys and QRS

13 Jun Pte Ian Brand 3rd,PWRR and 51st Highland Volunteers

07 Jun Cpl Robert 'Bob'' Bumstead 3rd, 4th and R SUSSEX

27 May Sgt David Rainey 3rd and R SUSSEX

25 May Pte John 'Geodie' Wilson 3rd

25 May LCpl Terry Blanchette 1st and 2nd

16 Apr CSgt Phil 'Queenie' Toms 3rd

15 Apr Pte Lennie Coombs 3rd

06 Apr Major Richard Ingledew Hopper TD 6th, 6/7th and HAC

06 Apr Dmr Colin Johnson 2nd

05 Apr CSgt Nick Trenowden 3rd, 5th and 2PWRR

01 Apr LCpl Bruce Draper 5th

20 Mar Pte Stephen Kiely 1st and PWRR

16 Mar LCpl James Mount 1st and 4th

14 Mar Drm Maj Tom Raper 6/7th, 8QF and The London Regiment

13 Mar Maj David Margand TD 6th, 6/7th, MX and R SIGNALS

11 Mar Col Charles Leigh Tarver OBE 3rd and R SUSSEX

11 Mar Cpl Joe Sneyd 3rd and R SUSSEX

25 Feb Pte Andrew Mash 1st

22 Feb WO2 Phil Booker 1st, 6/7th and 6/7th PWRR

21 Feb Sgt Tom Rogers 5th, QRS and MX

19 Feb Pte John Seary 3rd and 1 and 2 PWRR

17 Feb Maj Stephen Thorpe 1st, 2nd, 3rd, R SUSSEX

17 Jan C/Sgt John 'Blondie' Barton 1st

13 Jan LCpl Dave'Bunny' Bunclark 3rd, R SUSSES and 3 PARA

13 Jan Maj Mike Humme 3rd, R SUSSEX and Int Corps

07 Jan Maj David Festing 3rd, 5th and PWRR

07 Jan LCpl Patrick 'Bernie' Byrne 2nd