queen's regiment, in memoriam

In Memoriam

The following is a list of our comrades who have sadly passed on

Members are requested to keep the Secretary informed of those who pass away in future so that details can be kept up to date.



25 Dec Pte Clifford Morrice 6/7th

13 Dec CSgt Brian Williams BEM 5th, 6/7th and MX

07 Dec Lt Tim Williamson 6th

07 Dec Cpl Graham McDonough 2nd

01 Dec Maj Forbes H Burn 2nd and Northumberland Fusiliers

29 Nov WO2 Gerald 'Titch' Meade 1st

15 Nov Capt Simon Daffron TD 5th and 6th

12 Nov Pte Rupert 'Hughton' Brown 70 1st

12 Nov Cpl Eddy Hall 1st

28 Oct Sgt Andy 'Mac' McGregor 1st, 5th and PWRR

09 Oct LCpl Danny 'Nobby' Foster 5th

24 Sep CSgt Bill Dixon 3rd and R SUSSEX

12 Sep Pte George Gee 1st and QRS

08 Sep Cpl Colin 'Mac' Mackenzie 1st

03 Sep Dmr Gerald 'Joe' Birchall 2nd

03 Sep Capt Steven Anderson 5th and PWRR

02 Sep WO1 (RSM) Frank Lewis 1st and PWRR

01 Sep Col Danny Sandiford 1st, 4th

16 Aug CSgt John Geoffrey Palmer 2nd, 3rd and R SUSSEX

11 Aug Pte Ted McNicoll 3rd

10 Aug CSgt Bill Butler 2nd, 3rd, 4th and MX

06 Aug Cpl Paul Hicks 5th

02 Aug Cpl Joseph Barry Molohan 1st and QRS

15 Jul Cpl Josh Gerald 2nd

14 July LCpl Sidney Levy Queen's Royal Regiment

11 Jul LCpl Trevor Morris 2nd

07 Jul A/LCpl Patrick Schwab 5th

07 Jun Maj Bob Bartlett 1st, 4th and MX

03 Jun Cpl Alan Matthews 2nd

02 Jun Cpl Malcolm 'Mac' McRobbie 3rd and R Sussex

01 Jun Lt Col BA 'Buster' Carlston 1st, 2nd, 4th and MX

25 May Cpl Gary Craig 2nd

12 May Pte Alan Hayman 1st

07 May WO2 Bob Jones 1st, 4th and MX

29 Apr WO1 (RSM) JAC Burr 2nd, 6/7th, QORWK, QOB and 8 CTT

Apr Cpl Jim Hanniford 4th, MX and 21 SAS

16 Apr Pte Dave Knox 6/7th and PWRR

03 Apr WO2 Peter Clinker 6/7th, PWRR and Crawley Cadets

23 Mar Cpl Peter Oliver 2n

20 Mar Pte Wayne Robson 1s

20 Mar Pte John Tiller 1st and QRS (Home Counties Bde)

15 Mar Cpl Peter Kemp 2nd

11 Mar Pte Daniel Bisco 2nd and PWRR

17 Feb LCpl Paul Farrugia 3rd and R Sussex

11 Feb WO2 Marriott 5th, RASC, PARA, and 4/5th R Sussex

07 Feb Cpl John Adlam 2nd

03 Feb WO2 Reginald Smith 2nd, 5th and QOB

29 Jan Sgt John 'Bill' Bailey 3rd and R Sussex

18 Jan Cpl Nigel 'Nige' Handley 2nd and QOB

15 Jan LCpl Richard Grover 1st

12 Jan Cpl Mick Redgrave 5th Corps of Drums

11 Jan Cpl Colin 'Banzai' Brett 1st

06 Jan Cpl David John Pearce 2nd

03 Jan WO2 Terry Isaacs 1st and QRS

01 Jan Cpl Tony 'Pip' Shields 5th, 5 PWRR and RLC