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In Memoriam

The following is a list of our comrades who have sadly passed on

Members are requested to keep the Secretary informed of those who pass away in future so that details can be kept up to date.



  Date Name Battalion
  29 Nov  Sgt Pete Bailey  1st
  21 Nov Lt David Wray  6/7th
  20 Nov LCpl Edwin John (Smiler) Miles  1st
  28 Oct Cpl Roy Priestly  R Sussex and 3rd
  24 Oct CSgt Mick Carter  3rd
  22 Oct CSgt Kevin Dowling  1st
  11 Oct Lt Col Bob McGhie  1st and 3rd
  October Pte Dave Jennings  3rd
  28 Sep WO2 Pete Vine  2nd
  4 Sep Maj Ron Lucas  7th and 6/7th
  22 Aug Capt Brian Scripps  5th
  25 July Cpl Carl Crowhurst  1st
  June Sgt Pete Drage  6/7th
  June LCpl John Ray  3rd
  18 May Maj Ron Wildgoose 1 QRS and Queen's Division Depot
  11 March Sgt Chris Poulton 1st
  9 March Maj Desmond Butler  2nd
  6 March Pte Dave Haggerty  1st
  15 Jan Maj Andrew "Dick" Whittington  3rd
  14 Jan Pte James (Jim) Finelly 2nd


  Date Name Battalion
   23 December Pte Tony Marday 1st 
   21 December  Pte Eddie Tackley 1st
   13 December  Cpl Martyn "Bill" Walker 1st
   3 December  Col Neville Hunter 1st
   2 December WO2 Alan Booth 3rd
   2 December Sgt Gordon Terry 1st
   14 November Pte Morris Croucher 2nd
   November Michael "Mick" Howes NK
   28 October CSgt Ray Greengrass 1st 
   16 October  Sgt Brian Hubbard 3rd 
   23 September  Pte Lesley Hill NK
   6 September  Sgt Terence "Terry" Charman 3rd
  11 August  Pte Christopher Geraghty 3rd
  16 July  CSgt Robert "Sid" Sadler 1st
  8 July  Col Crispin Champion 3rd
  July  Pte Laurie "Sam" Costa 1st
  25 June  Maj Max Maloney 1st, 3rd and 6/7th 
  27 May  WOII Gregor Crowley 3rd
  8 May  Pte David George Hester 3rd
  11 April  Cpl Anthony "Blue" Simmond 2nd
  24 March  Sgt Ron Marsh 5th 
  15 March  Maj Peter Harrington MBE TD 5th 
  12 March Lt Col DEC Russel  3rd
  04 March C/Sgt William Mackenzie Watret 3rd
  NK  WOII (RQMS) Bill White  6/7th
  NK Pte Aminaxa Patel 6/7th